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A little less you, a little more me.

80's, abba, abfab, alanis, all about eve, all about my mother, all things asian, america's next top model, and all things pbs, angus oblong, animals, anne rice, are you being served?, art, banana yoshimoto, bep, berlin, bewitched, billie holiday, bjork, blondie, books, boomkat, bread, breakfast at tiffany's, breakfast club, buy now & save, camp, carnivale, carpenters, chungking express, city of lost children, clothes, dead things, deee-lite, depeche mode, donnie darko, doom generation, douglas coupland, dykes, erykah badu, eurythmics, film, fixx, fleetwood mac, fluffy, furniture, garage sales, garbage, garden state, ghost world, gia, gilmore girls, go fish, gomez, goodbye girl, hair/makeup, helga the hamster, hello kitty, hole, hp 3, hp series, i am not afraid, indigo girls, insects, interior design, it's a wonderful life, items shaped like cats, jane greene, jill scott, keely smith, kinky friedman, kitchen crap, los angeles, louis prima, maupin, medium, melissa etheridge, michelle ndegeocello, mona, morticia, motels, motorcycle diaries, munsters, music, my baby flea, napoleon dynamite, neverending story, new mexico, new orleans, nightmare before christmas, nin, no doubt, oblongs, ozomatli, patrick califia, pecker, peta, pink rabbits, pj harvey, poe, poppy z.brite, pretenders, pretty in pink, pretty people, psychology, purses, queen, queen latifah, queers, roman holiday, run lola run, sarah mclachlan, save ferris, saving face, shakira, show tunes, siouxsie & the banshees, six feet under, sound tracks, stanley and stella, stealing beauty, strange stores, stuuuuuuff, suzanne vega, talk to her, teri de la pena, tha alkaholiks, the cure, the simpsons, the smiths, the station agent, the tick (cartoon only), theater/musicals, toshi reagon, toys, tracy chapman, tracy chevalier, ugly knick nacs, uncle buck, veronica mars, wally lamb, weeds, weird online art/comics/cartoons, when harry met sally, woman on top